13 Oct 2010

Paper Clay Doll/Paper Mache/Acrylic paint
Dancing Girls
18:02 PM. Let me show you another two dolls that I just finished painting roses on her dresses by using Acrylic paints.Hope you all like it!

16:00 PM. Rose is my favorite flower of all but I don't know how to paint it so I study how from YouTube video  and this is my very first roses that I painted!

13.59PM. Apply a coat of gloss varnish over the crackle.
5.Now It's time to design their dresses.
Painting and Crackling Process
11:30 am.I like to share my work in progress.sculpt doll's heads and necks from paper clay but their bodies I used paper mache technique.Here are the steps of coloring by using color Acrylic , and when dry I apply the crackle medium over the base coat and  just let air dry only several minutes.
1.base coat using acrylic paint
2.Titanium white for base skin
3.cracks start to appear almost immediately!