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My OOAK Art Dolls in 2016

If someone asked me what I want to be. I won't hesitate to answer that I would like to be a professional doll makers unfortunately, I am not. I just do it because I fall in love with it or maybe because I love clay, all kind of clay which I don't know why!

Here are my OOAK art-dolls in 2016. (not much really!)


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Hello...3 years in Abu Dhabi have passed. I moved back to Bangkok  6 months  ago and  now I'm ready to start doing what I fancy again but before I show you what I have been doing recently.  I would like to share with you  some of my dolls when I was in UAE. Please enjoy.

These are very first dolls I made after few months in Abu Dhabi well, I didn't have much tools to make a full body doll back then.

See you...

A reflection of my memory


OOAK Cloth&Clay Doll

Ready for harvest under a sunny sky
Natasha is entirely handmade. She's about 9.5 inches tall. Her head and arms are hand sculpted from paper clay, Her body and legs are made of cloth.  She is painted with acrylics andsealed with matte varnish.She can not sit and can only stand. 

Now Available on Etsy.  SOLD 
Thank you for visiting :)

Back to Dolls

Today, I had so much energy  to continue working where you left off some time ago.I made a new pair of legs for my old BJD , Boots for my Cloth&Clay Doll and I also start making BJD again!!

to be continue....

Art Dolls-OOAK

Hello again!I might have been gone from my blog for a period of time but I never stop working on creating the new dolls and This is what I have been doing.

Thank you so much for stopping byand commenting.See you!