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weekend project 2

Hello,I'm back with a Little Red Riding Hood.I hope you I like her.

Thank you for visiting. See you again soon....
Sophie :)

weekend project

I haven't seen Red Riding Hood movie yet,but I already like the lurid atmosphere of this film andof coursethe costumes.
Workin progress....
I'll return when my work is done.
Have a  great weekend all. Sophie :)

Cat and Wolf

I made so many mistakes on these two dolls so they took me a while to finished  --well almost finished, I guess! They are mixed media art dolls , heads and bodies are hand sculpted in paper clay , armsandlegsare made fromcalico .Their outfits are both vintage and new.
See you!

Doll heads

Hello....It's 18 degree weird!...some people start getting sick from this rapid temperature change, I'm one of them..I took sick leave for 2 days since yesterday ...this means Ican spendalldayworkingon my new project ei ei and these are the heads I made yesterday.

Robert Plant & Allison Krauss - SISTER ROSETTA...

OOAK Paper-clay Art Doll

Hello :)I can't believe myself! this morning Iwokeup so early and feelingcheerful... so,I grasped a camera to take pictures of my newdollinthe firstlightof day and the pictures came out pretty clean ---I just love them!
This is "Asa" a girl who was born in the morning..
Asa is One of a kind hand sculpted art doll.She is painted with acrylics and pastels sealed with gloss varnish.Her head is made of Styrofoam and paper clay and the rest of the body parts also made of paper clay exceptthearmsarefabric.
Her outfit is sewed by hand.She is approx.9 inches long.
I hope you love her too.Have a great weekend and Thank you for stopping by.
Sophie :)

Painting doll face

Hello there,Today I'm gonna show you step by step  how I paint my doll face by using acrylic and pastel colours.
Step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5
Now, Its late afternoon here in Thailand-- So... I think I will take a nap :> and come back to finish her outfit later tonight.
Have a great weekend! 
Sophie :)

Paper Clay Doll Re-do

Friday night
First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolencesand sympathyto all Japanese families who have been affected by earthquake and tsunami today.It is a tragedy Thatoncehad happenedinmy home town (Phang-Nga Province) several yearsagoandpeople stillrememberand fear for it.I wish this terrible event end soon and wish they can minimize the casualties.T_T
................................. Thisismy old bunny dollwhichis madefrompaperclayand Here she is with a new look.
Thank you for visiting my blog...see you again soon 
Sophie :)

Paper Clay Doll

Hello,I just wanna stop by to say Hi! and toshowtheprogressof my work and asImentionedearlierthatI have a plan to redo my old dolls and here I start doing one...

Paper Clay Doll

I watched The Social Network movie on DVD  yesterday and This sentence really inspire me:"Inventing a job is better than finding a job"I wonder why I didn't think of that 20 years ago! Anyway,life goes on and It's never too lateto pursue a dream~
Work in progress~~~~~--------------------------------------------- I have a plan to redo some of my old dolls that I did last year....can be a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Happy Sunday

Hello, I'm so happy that I can finished my doll before noon!well that's mean I have time to watch a movie and took a nap in the afternoon~ Pepe is a one of a kind handmade doll. Her body,legs and head are hand sculpted in Paper clay over a foil and wire armature and painted with acrylics and pastels and sealed with matte varnish,herarms madeofcloth. Everypiece of her clothes arehandsewing.She is 9 inches tall. more photos of Pepe and Niki
Thank you for visiting my blog..Love you all!

Saturday:Doll Day

It was very hot outside during the day so, I didn't leave the house all day. I look at the watch now Its 18:00 pm...Oh mind~~Timepassesquickly--Here is a sneak peek of my latest doll(work in progress)...

See you again tomorrow..
Sophie :)