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Cloudy Sunday

Around here the weather is quite weird lately. Its supposed to be sunny at this time of the year but turned out thatrainandhigh humiditycovered over thearea.. moisture in the air caused paper clay dry slowly....since so Ihave to wait longer until they are completelydry inside unfortunately,I'm running out of time because tomorrow is working day again and I have two baskets of ironing are waiting for me....I hated ironing!

Here's what I've done so far..

Thank you for stopping by... Sophie :)


Have you ever been in a situations like me?Manyhourslisteningto a lecture ina boringseminar room, whereyou arenot allowed to leave... for me thebestsolution at that time wastodrawonscrapsof paperthatwasdistributed.Here are pictures thatI drew today with a little touch of Photoshop! and I'm going to make a doll of her....soon
See you,
Sophie :)

KIKI & Lost Bird

Hi..I'm back!I thinknowitissummeralready althoughthe weather is kind of coldin themorning and night butduringthe daytimetemperaturerisesalongwithhumidity so the best way to avoid the heat isto take a nap.It's 13:30 PM here and I'm ready to post the pictures of my newest doll...and I named her "KIKI"
KIKI is OOAK Paper clay doll. She is entirely hand sculpted, coloured with acrylics.Her dress ishand sewn and her hight is about 9 inches.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have time please please please leave your comments. I'll be grateful to hear from you.
Well...enjoy the weekend.
Sophie :)

Makha Bucha Day

Today is Makha Bucha Day and It's a national holiday.In the morning  most Buddhist will get up early go to temple tomake merit by giving alms to monksand in the evening around 18:00 PM., they will go back again to perform the candle ceremony known as "wian tian".
Anyway I didn't do any of that though, I think I'm a very homey person I love to be at home, watch movies, make doll and stuff.

and these are what I did~Black T-Shirt is a birthday gift for my colleague and white dress on the right is for my new doll.I have to admit that I've been so lazy today!
See you when my work is done!
Sophie :) 


Dear all my loving friends!
It's Monday and a Valentine's Day~ Here I'm sending all my love to you.
Wishes for a special Valentine's Day filled with love and happiness to all."Happy Valentine's day"

Quite Sunday

OOAK Paper Clay Doll in Green
18:45 PM.I finally finished my new doll and here she is "Lady of the wood"

Good morning! I love Sunday morning It's so peaceful and I can stay in bed as long as I want,just love it! 

12 Feb 2011

Sunny Windy Saturday
Itis asignalindicatingthat summer is coming!and I'm sure this year is going to be extremely hot!

OOAK Paper Clay Doll

Bow in Blue
This is Bow my most recent doll, at first, I wanted to make her as a bunny doll but I changed my mind, I think She would look better without rabbit ears.Bow is one of a kind doll Sheis entirely hand sculpted from paper clay and  painted with acrylic and pastels.
She is 8 inches tall.Her hair is made from wool. 
Thank you for visiting my blog.Please leave a comment if you can!!

Making card

I takea breakfrommakingdollsto do the painting thatI have not done in a long time.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope I can share my new dolls with you soon.

5 Jan 2011

Making doll-dresses
This morning I just finished hand -sewing dresses which I'm awful at for my 2 new dolls  but I think the result turned out just fine. Check them out!
Getting closer..It's almost 18.00 pm.I'm still working on this bunny doll....

2 Feb 2011

Happy Chinese New year! 
That's good excuse for me to skip work today..ha ha.. This morning I woke up feeling so fresh and I tried not to think about work in order to avoid any kind of stress because today is a good day.
I didn't plan to make any doll today but the only way to really get rid of work stress that really work for me is making doll!
Thank you for visiting and wishing you a Happy New year.