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BJD : work in progress 2

21:18 PM>> I just finished making another dress for my second doll(The one on the right).I still have one more to go.I think I'll do it tomorrow night .. If I'm not too tired after work!
Thank you ALL once again for following, visiting and leaving comments on my blog.
Sophie :)

BJD : work in progress

Paperclay BJD
Hello I'm back to my blog again after I've been gone for almost a week... I've been busy spending most my time making these 3 new Ball Jointed dolls...and there're still a lot of work to do.Tonight after work I just made a ruffle skirt for a doll in the middle and It came out so cute!
Thank you ALL for following, visiting and leaving comments on my blog.
Sophie :)

BJD : Sea of Love

Paper Clay Doll: Meena and Kano
Over a week straight that it had been raining on and off here... now Summerheat  is backand we have Sunshinethroughout theday today.In the afternoon, Ibroughttwoofmydollstotake picturesalong thebalcony, the Images came out sonice and sharp  after that I use Photoshop to combine images.I just love them!

Ball Jointed Doll update

Making Ball jointed doll with Paper Clay.
Hello:)It's a Happy Friday for everyone again.
These two cute little boy and girl are my  new ball jointed dolls which is not yet completed . I have no excuse for being lazy but my day job makes me so tired. Previously,Iexpectthatthese twodollswill be finishedlast night.. unfortunately, I just accidentally broke one of its arm while working so I have to make a new one today and wait for it to dry and in the mean time I also sculpt the torso for  two new dolls as in the painting I posted earlier.
Let the sunshine in all day long....Bye for now.
Sophie :)

work in progress

Hi everyone It's kind late night and tomorrow is a working day!!! After I enjoyed a five- day  long weekend, I would like to share with you  what I've been working on.
Well that's all I 've done so far.Thank you for stopping by....Good night!!
Sophie :)

Cloudy Day

Today its been a cloudy all day long..and I also  planed to take pictures of my newest doll today as well...Her name is Pearl.. a girl in black dress....and she seem so lonely!

It's time to rest ...I'm so sleepy!!! and tomorrow I'll make 2 doll heads for my friend "Marilyn"!Have a super weekend to all.
Sophie :)
Next project..wish me luck!

Raining Night

BJD part 2
Wednesday night and It's raining outside my window now. I can hear  the sound of distant thunder and feel the cool wind blow. Every time that it rains we all know how bad the traffic in the city would be.This evening,I rushed to get home to take pictures of my I don't have to stuck in traffic jam like the other........Yeah
from this coming Friday though next Tuesday is a holiday! which is very good news to me, so I'll have all my time to work on a doll that I've started more than a week ago...
Bye now.Have a great working day!
Sophie :)

Sewing Class

Hello everyone...This morning I went to sewing class at Paradise Park Shopping Mall to learn how to use sewing machine which I just bought one a couple day ago.Well...I had so fun playing with it!!
This is my new work which is still on process ....

Have a great great weekend to all.
Sophie :)