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A reflection of my memory


OOAK Cloth&Clay Doll

Ready for harvest under a sunny sky
Natasha is entirely handmade. She's about 9.5 inches tall. Her head and arms are hand sculpted from paper clay, Her body and legs are made of cloth.  She is painted with acrylics andsealed with matte varnish.She can not sit and can only stand. 

Now Available on Etsy.  SOLD 
Thank you for visiting :)

Back to Dolls

Today, I had so much energy  to continue working where you left off some time ago.I made a new pair of legs for my old BJD , Boots for my Cloth&Clay Doll and I also start making BJD again!!

to be continue....

Art Dolls-OOAK

Hello again!I might have been gone from my blog for a period of time but I never stop working on creating the new dolls and This is what I have been doing.

Thank you so much for stopping byand commenting.See you!

Cloth&Clay Dolls

OOAK Hand-crafted cloth and paper clay dolls 
Hope you have a great week. Sophie

Cloth&Clay Dolls

Finally I found time to work on my new dolly projects. This is my new dolls Lila and Grace. they  both are 12 - inches tall, head ,neck, bottom arms and bottom legs made out of paper clay,bodies and the rest are made of calico fabric stuffed with polyester fiberfill. 

and I also wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the sweet commentsthat you have left on this site.

Have a super great weekend to all!!

OOAK Cloth and Clay dolls

New dolls-work in progress

Handmade gifts

Decoupage and paint
The past couple of days I've been busy making handmade gifts for my mom / family and friends..Here they are..
Decoupage on the basket  Wishing you happiness and all the very best things. Happy New Year 2012!!