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My OOAK Art Dolls in 2016

If someone asked me what I want to be. I won't hesitate to answer that I would like to be a professional doll makers unfortunately, I am not. I just do it because I fall in love with it or maybe because I love clay, all kind of clay which I don't know why!

Here are my OOAK art-dolls in 2016. (not much really!)


----------------------------- ---------------------

Return home

Hello...3 years in Abu Dhabi have passed. I moved back to Bangkok  6 months  ago and  now I'm ready to start doing what I fancy again but before I show you what I have been doing recently.  I would like to share with you  some of my dolls when I was in UAE. Please enjoy.

These are very first dolls I made after few months in Abu Dhabi well, I didn't have much tools to make a full body doll back then.

See you...