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28 DEC 2010

Busy busy...Ibelievethatmanypeoplearestillbusywithbuying New Year giftstorelativesand friends,I'm one of them!!. Today, my older sister, who livedin Phuket island came visitmein Bangkok...after lunch we went shopping like crazy!!like the old days when we were young and still together!
This is my newest doll...with big black glass eyes. See you in 2011 and wishing you all a very happy New Year! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Sophie :)

25 DEC 2010

TodayisChristmas Day ~Merry Christmas to all ~theweather here in Thailand is very hot ,temperaturearound 33 degrees Celsius, warmer than it would be... soI chosetostayhome and work on my new doll...

22 Dec 2010

ฺBride and Groom doll made of paper clay.
I've been busy making these bride and groom doll as a wedding gift for my boyfriend's niece.Theweddingwill beheldon Sunday, December 26. I hope to finish on time... 

I'm deciding on whether to paint or decorate this box? or just leave it the way it is!What should I do?

17 DEC 2010

Paper Clay Doll
Friday night ..This evening on my way home the traffic was terrible I stuck in the road for more than one hour luckily I wasn't driving!!
This is another paper clay doll  that I just finished making it tonight!

How lovely of my boyfriend to bought me these flowers "White Champak"..They have such sweet strong it!

Champa is 7 inches tall  and I'll keep her in the wooden box.  I use crackle medium only on her face. ------------------------- Thank you for visiting my blog.. I hope you have a great weekend by the way the flowers fragrance is dispersed throughout the room .. sweet!!
15 DEC.2010I'm so gladtoknowthattomorrowthe temperaturewill decrease2degreesCelsius.  This isDecember theweathershouldbecooler butturns outthatwinteris notdifferentfromthe summer.I thinkmost likely due totheimpact of global warming However,Meteorological Departmentannouncedthatthe weather isgraduallycooling down.Such a good news!
Todayis thelast dayof attendingthe seminarwhich was heldfor3days from Monday to Wednesdaywhich gave meachancetogo homeearlier thanusual,yeah! Thisisanother small paper clay doll whichI havedone. I also made him a room decorated with antique round mirror andwallpaperfromrag.

21:30 PM. Thisis my new paper clay dollthat I'm making right now.Iuseblack plasticeyesagainsincelast timeit didn'tcome outnaturally so this time I tried again and t


23:00 PM.I'm back again.Sometime,I do not understand myself why when I go to work  I wanted to make dolls but on weekends I do not want to do anything but sleep.Funny hah!!  may be making doll help relieve stress from work!!!boring work!!
Here she is a new paper clay doll in a red sweater and checkerboard pattern skirt. She's standing under a white Christmas tree that I just bought.It's kind of dreamy.I love it!
Good night and Thank you so much for visiting my blog...:)

13 DEC 2010

Monday 20:00 PM.
I'm Buddhist but I just love everything about Christmas; Trees, lights,presents. I bought this white Christmas plastic tree and lights to decorate my place..I also prepared some gifts for people I care.All these activities cheer me up!

This is my new doll with plastic black eyes.I've never done this before and I think It's kind of..different!!but She is cute anyway!

10 Dec.2010

Paper Clay Doll in the hanging wooden box
11:00 AM.It's Friday also a Constitution Day so It's holiday again!Ha Ha Ha:) For the Last couple days I'd been busy thinking and working on my new project "Doll in the Box". I bought hanging wooden boxes and other decorative items at JJ Market where you can find all kinds of stuff from raw materials to finished goods in a good price and This is my new doll (I have not name her yet! ) She's only 3 inches tall and the size of the hanging box is 5.5" X 5.5".I hope my work could be useful for you who like to make your own gifts for someone special.

Thanks for visiting my blog!! >>Sophie<<

6 Dec.2010

Paper Clay Doll:New boy in town
10.30 am.  Beautiful day :) cause it's still a holiday.I woke up feeling great this morning, knowing that today I still have time to do things In particular,still have time to clean up my place which I have done all the mess from making these dolls for three days in a row..gonna be a lot of work!! 
This is "Leanian" new boy in town. His heart is full of love and kindness. He also can communicate with Cupid. They are going to change people's hearts with love. Love one another and you will be happy.  It's as simple and as difficult as that. but William Shakespeare also said:
"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.


This is their story>Zuki-Margaret-Jaegar
At the University Park.....December 4,2010

See you!