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30 Nov 2010

Paint a tin can with Acrylic paint.It's time to start making somethings for your friends--Christmas is about three weeks away.Tonight I just finished painting a tin can with acrylic paint mix with a little bit of water. It's easy!

29 Nov 2010

Manami and her new hat and wool scarf.

Today my colleague thought me how to crochet  and I made a hat and scarf for my doll as you can see from the picture ....and I can tell you that This is so much fun....

28 Nov 2010

Paper Clay Doll : 4 inches tall
8:24 Am. This period of times I believe most of us must be very busy making gifts for important friends. Last night I made a doll for an old friend from Oklahoma her name is Lissa. She's now working as a teacher in Texas.We haven't seen each other in a long, long time but We still communicate via Facebook every now & then and I told her many months ago that I will make her something and now is the time.

27 Nov 2010

paper Clay Dolls 
9:00 AM. Saturday...It's weekend again!I'm so happy to be at home in peace by myself!For the past week I've been having a lot of anxiety and anger!I had really a bad time with people at work  and I really needed something to help calm me down and I found this book in the library  "The Power of Positive Thinking"by Norman Vincent Peale. I like the 5th chapter about How to be happy...after finished reading just this chapter every morning I say to myself that everything goes well, life is beautiful and I choose to be is not that simple but I choose to be happy anyway! 
Here are my new dolls that I have finished..This time they took me more than a week to complete...but well worth the time.
Well...the celebration time is approaching.. I'm so exciting and I believe that soon I'll see people faces filled with love and happiness everywhere.Have a great great weekend:)

21 Nov 2010

Paper Clay Doll :
08:30 AM. Good morning beautiful Sunday.Today I 'll have a whole day to work on my new doll. (the head /face and hair parts I've already done last night)
                Last Friday I got a chance to talk to the puppet maker and He told  how he makes his puppets so beautifully one technique is that he mixed calcium in air-clay to make clay not too soft and come out shiny after polished with sandpaper several times...well nice to know but I have no idea where to find that calcium!!(I forgot to ask!!!)

20 Nov 2010

Paper Clay/Paper Mache Doll
The seminar that I was assigned to coordinate having a great success, so today I feel kind of relieved! This is Brigit my new doll with her black dress...well I think I should add her a bit of  sparkling jewelry though!!

17 Nov 2010

Paper Clay Doll/Paper Mache -Work in progress
This coming Friday I have  a seminar that I'm responsible for the overall coordination which make be very very busy but still I always find time to make a doll but this one is not complete yet.I think She deserves a nice stylish clothe to wear.

15 Nov 2010

Paper Clay Doll : Little Ronny
22:55 PM. I only have few hours to work on this doll and here he is with Christmas feeling.

Sweet dream!

14 Nov 2010

Paper Clay Doll : Francis
I love Sunday early morning It's so quiet and peaceful...I make myself a cup of coffee,sit by the balcony and let my mind flow from one thought into another...watching the soft blue sky, green trees and enjoy the moment.Here is Francis my little girl with her new dress and a cup of coffee in her tiny hands.I hope you'll like her.See you all soon.Enjoy your Sunday!!

13 Nov 2010

My second Paperclay doll of this week
17:10 PM. I'm still working on this doll which is need to be fixed again! cause I just broke her wrist while I tried to tie a string so she is not quite complete beside that I think she need a nice cloth to wear which I've not design yet!!! Well, Still lots of work ahead


Paper Clay Doll: Roseanne
9:41 AM..Good morning....As soon as I woke up I hurried to cook breakfast and then made Roseanne a pair of shoes  in order to catch the morning sun which is the most beautiful light of day, and good time for taking picture!Here is Roseanne shooting album.

Have a good day to all.