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BJD:Paper Clay

Hello...I'm back!It ismore thantwo weeks thatI have notpostedanything onthisblog.I've been really busy with work stuff. I just moved to work in a different division and there's so much to learn.These two dolls are in progress I think I might be able to finish one of them by tomorrow but I should not put pressure on myself....hobbyshouldbe somethingthat helps release thepressure not increase it... right!! :)
It's late Saturday night here in Thailand~Time for bed. Hope you all out there have a great weekend.
Sophie :)

DIY Crinkle Fabric

Weekend activities Yesterday I went to the post office to send a packageto France and in the  late evening I called my mother who lives in different province to ask her how to create fabric crinkle texture by using tapioca flour  I saw my mother did that when I was very young...She was so please that I asked her for advice!  and this is what she told me to do: Put a cup waterina pot.Add 1 spoon of tapioca flourturn on the heat stirrepeatedly until stickydough, then turn off the heat, add  a bit of cold water,dip cottonfabric in  -twist it- then just hang it as it is to dry .
I'm going use this technique for cotton fabric to make dresses for my new dolls!I love it.
I wish you all a super great weekend!!

Paper Clay Doll:3 girls

OOAK Art dolls
Material :Paper Clay
This weekend I'm going to continue my work on these 3 girls.....I'm slow and also have only two full days a week to really focus on making the doll. I think it will take me awhile to finish them :(
Its Friday night here... Hope you all enjoy your day/weekend! 
Thank you so much for visiting.

Two Dolls for sell on ETSY

EventuallyIdecided tosell two of  my latest dollsonETSY ..for the first time!Well, I'm not good in selling things that's why It took me awhile to do this...

Please visit my shop on ETSY
Thank you for visiting and following my blog and now I'm working on my three new dolls..I'll post them soon.
Sophie :)

OOAK BJD:Emilia and little angels

Rainy SundayI finally finished these cute art dolls  that I've been working on  for quite some time and I really enjoyed it...especially the wings idea it just came up in my head yesterday morning, right after I woke up!and here they are...Emilia and Little Angels... Right now, I ran out of foam ball so I can't  make any head. I think today I'll go out to buy some.. may be I'll get the idea for the next project! Enjoy the weekend! Sophie :)

ฺBJD work in progress 3

Handmade Paper Clay Dolls

Hi!This is my third doll and I'm not satisfied with her outfits that I  made for her! So, This coming weekend I might change something or make her a new dress and for someone who like to get free patterns .. go to Simple  Simon& Co >>>I love it and>> Thank you :)