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OOAK Paperclay Doll

Dear folks...  I've been gone for almost 2 weeks since my last post. I'm just recovering from depression!!!! and this is the only doll that I can finished for now....
She is a one of a kind art doll, hand sculpted from PaperclayShe has been sanded, painted with acrylics, and pastels sealed with a Gloss varnish.She is 6 inches tall.
See you soon...


I've been super busy the past several days with mydayjob. ---I really miss making dolls.  
I know they are waiting for me.....

BJD Made out of Paper Clay

Day6... I'm sooo... happy that I finally make it... Ball Jointed doll thatI made the entire doll out of paper clay...She can pose and stand firmly just like what I really wanted.Yeah!!
The next step is to make a nice dress for her.....which is not easy for me!!!Wish me luck!
Thank you for stopping by and see you again soon...Sophie:

Making Doll Head

Hello, This morning~  I've been working on doll head using paper clay and I'm gonna show you how I do it step by step.
Thank you for visiting my blog....Isincerely hopethat theinformationIpublishedwouldbe useful. Have great weekend!!by the way Today is Thai New Year also call Songkran Festival.....Happy New Year again Yeah!! Sophie :)

Ball Jointed Doll

Day 4

Ball Jointed Doll

This is what I have been working on for 3 days and now It's 10 past midnight..Time  to go to bed...
Good night...

Children's story Characters come to Dolls

OOAK Art Doll Hand Sculpted from paper clay Helloagain!EventuallyIwasabletoaccomplish thisdoll set  which took me a long time....One of the reason was because Ineedtoaddsewingskills and also I had to figure out how to make my ball joined dolls stand firmly...~Unfortunately,Istillcannotaccomplish...Anyway, It's time to move on, startcreatingnew dollsagain and I believe that practice makes perfect. This doll set I havebeeninspired by thefilmRed Riding Hoodandchildrenbooks that I havereadas a child.What stories do you think of when you see them? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Queenserenity

wooden craft balls

Hello everyone,I've been gone for a week~Ispendmost ofthe time with my family, cleaninghouse, learning howtosewclothesfrom adresspatternand I also made​​a newdolland this timeI choseto usewooden craft balljoints and they work pretty well.
See you in a few days!